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SUN Bible Classes 9 am
SUN Worship 10 am
WED Bible Classes 7 pm

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Production Suggestions

Comb-bind the books. Experience has proven that this kind of binding will survive through an entire quarter, where other kinds may not. In addition to being durable, comb-binding is also inexpensive, at least if the church possesses its own comb-binder and volunteers to do the binding.

Double-side the pages. In addition to sparing the conscience of anyone who balks at the unnecessary murder of trees, double-siding also costs the church half as much paper. All of these books have been designed to be double-sided.

Print the covers at an office-supply store. The covers of most of these books look miserable and unprofessional if printed in black-and-white on the church photocopier. Printing 60 covers on an inkjet printer is expensive, time-consuming, and still doesn’t look as nice. Most office-supply stores, Staples, OfficeMax, etc., have a custom printing department with large, capable color-laser printers, and they will typically print photo-quality covers on cardstock for around a dollar a page. The covers will look their best if printed in this way, and they contribute a professional air to the Bible class, which leads to members and visitors alike taking the study more seriously. Of course, if your congregation has a good-quality color laser printer, this is unnecessary.

For Newer Books: Note that all the books from mid-2008 on are laid out in a half-page, landscape format. If you print these books off single-sided, or comb-bind them as is, they will make no sense. Instead, they are designed to be folded into a half-page booklet. In other words, the back of the last page as you print them off will be the inside page of the booklet. If you fold them and the cover in this way, you can simply staple them along the spine to produce the workbook.

Before production, please read the workbook copyright.

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