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Workbook Copyrights

All of the workbooks provided by this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license. Because Creative Commons licenses are not terribly common yet, a brief explanation is in order.

Basically, this license differs from a normal copyright in that others no longer need to ask permission to use, reproduce, or share the material covered by the license. That means that if you want to:

Use this material in a Bible class;
Make 100 copies of it on the church’s photocopier;
E-mail it to 30 of your closest friends;

You can do any or all of those things without asking permission from the author first, which makes life easier for all concerned.

However, this is subject to three restrictions:

Attribution. If you’re going to use the material, keep the author’s name on the front cover.

Non-commercial Use. The author is giving this material away to anyone who is interested in it. If he isn’t making money from it, no one else gets to either.

No Derivative Works. Basically, leave the material as it is. Don’t go helpfully rewriting the author’s introductions or revising his questions. Any portion of the material may be published separately, however, provided that the other two rules are followed.

For more information about Creative Commons licensing, please go to creativecommons.org. Also, if you would like a waiver of any of the above restrictions, please e-mail Matt Bassford by

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