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Audio Sermons (mp3)

All Available, Listed Alphabetically (See Titles for Date)

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!new! Colossions Pt 1 It Is All About Him - Josh Collier - 2019-03-10.mp3
!new! Colossions Pt 2 Jesus Is All You Need - Josh Collier - 2019-03-17.mp3
!new! Colossions Pt 3 - Josh Collier - 2019-03-24.mp3
!new! Colossions Pt 4 - Josh Collier - 2019-03-31.mp3
!new! You Dont Want to Hear This - Josh Collier - 2019-04-14.mp3
A Cake Not Turned - Josh Collier - 2018-10-21.mp3
Accountability - Josh Collier - 2019-01-27.mp3
Are We Brave - Josh Collier - 2018-04-03.mp3
Caring for the Body - Matt Bassford 2015-10-18.mp3
Faith and Preparedness - Josh Collier - 2018-10-14.mp3
Heaven Hell and Judgment Matt Bassford 2016-03-14.mp3
Hypocrisy - Josh Collier - 2019-01-20.mp3
Jerusalem Council - Matt Bassford 2015-06-07.mp3
Job - Matt Bassford 2015-07-19.mp3
John 6 - Matt Bassford 2015-04-12.mp3
LS-Sin_Sermon-OurSpeech Josh Collier 2018-04-08.mp3
Lies Satan Tells About Your Marriage - Josh Collier - 2019-02-10.mp3
Looking Forward Looking Back - Matt Bassford 2015-03-29.mp3
Making a Deal with God - Micah 6 - Josh Collier 2018-04-15.mp3
Nature of Worship - Matt Bassford 2015-08-16.mp3
Psalms1-2-3 Matt Bassford 2015-05-17.mp3
Pt 1 Sacrifice of Christ and Pt 2 Philemon - Matt Bassford 2015-04-19.mp3
Seeing Ourselves - Josh Collier - 2018-04-22.mp3
Service Within and Without - LS-New Beginnings - Josh Collier - 2018-12-09.mp3
The Art of Living - Josh Collier - 2017-12-17 w songs.mp3
The Resurrection and the Life - Matt Bassford 2015-10-04.mp3
The Way of the Exile - Josh Collier - 2019-01-13.mp3
True Worship-Lords Supper and Offering - Josh Collier - 2018-11-18.mp3
True Worship-Prayer and Preaching - Josh Collier - 2018-11-11.mp3
True Worship-Singing - Josh Collier - 2018-11-25.mp3
True Worship-What Does God Want - Josh Collier - 2018-11-04.mp3
Which Church Is Right - Phil Chumbley - 2017-12-10.mp3
Window Shopping - Josh Collier - 2017-12-24.mp3